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Are you looking to fill your stainless steel requirements? Try ISSI!   You'll find we have a complete stainless steel inventory at very competitive prices.


Polished Tube Deal

ISSI is currently offering discount pricing on overstock ornamental polished tube

2" Square x 16 Ga. T304 with #4 polish x 20'  RML


7/16" Round T304L X 144" Rml

We have an overstock of prime, DFARS compliant material ready to ship at an exceptionally low price!

Please contact our sales team for yours @ $1.10/lb


14" Sch. 10S Pipe

Please call Jon Doll 763-404-7467

Prime surplus material, with mill test reports. 14" Pipe Sch10S 408.5" long Accepting your best offer!

Surplus Plate

ISSI is currently offering discount pricing on surplus prime domestic plate

1-3/8" Plate T304L 48" and 60" wide


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